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ESL tutor, IELTS preparation


How it works

I offer personal, supportive language assistance to adults from other language backgrounds

Private tutoring — I have worked with many adults who wanted help with their general English ability. After an initial meeting to discuss their needs, I plan sessions that focus on that individual's particular language issues — for example, listening, pronunciation, writing, vocab & grammar, etc. A schedule of meetings is agreed, usually one two-hour session per week. As sessions progress, feedback is sought from the client, so that coming sessions can be tailored to their evolving needs. Your particular interests are used as an initial focus for language learning, but material from the arts and popular culture, current affairs, cultural issues, and various media are also used as springboards for learning.

IELTS preparation — We have an initial meeting to discuss each client's needs and the timing of their exam, and agree to a schedule of sessions, usually two hours, once or twice a week. I then plan a learning schedule, making sure that sufficient time is allocated tuition and practice for all four sub-tests, specific tips for the exam, plus additional work addressing the individual's general language problems. The exam candidate will be set "homework" to complete between sessions — practice writing tasks, practice reading and listening tests (materials will be provided). Before the exam, at least two practice speaking tests will be administered and analysed.

Clients will be given an indication of recommended session requirements as assessed at the initial consultation. Eight sessions would be a typical preparation to sit the exam, but this is only a general guideline.

Corporate clients — Tuition and practice are provided in all language skills, but with some emphasis on the productive skills of writing and speaking (including pronunciation). Sessions can be structured around the particular needs of the workplace, or around more general communication skills, according to the brief.

I have helped individual clients prepare for conference presentations, worked with them on official documentation, helped resolve difficulties with telephone and email skills, etc. In group sessions, I have worked on general language issues (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.) and also on work-based language needs.

This service differs from other, corporate solutions by being customised to each client's needs. I do not deliver a pre-packaged "solution" that shows a "lowest common denominator" approach. All sessions and materials are prepared specifically with that client (or group) in mind, according to the brief provided by the client.