Proofreading $40 per hour

Some other proofreaders charge by the page or by word count, but I have found that this is not an accurate reflection of the work/effort involved. It is not possible to give a meaningful quote, since I cannot predict how many hours any job will take.

Past jobs have averaged 2000-2500 words an hour, but there have been jobs as slow as 1250 words/hr, or as quick as 4000 words/hr (both of these cases are extremes).

English tuition (private individuals)
IELTS preparation $50 per hour
ESL tuition $50 per hour

These rates include my preparation, marking and travel time.

English tuition (corporate rates)
One-on-one tuition from $100 per hour of tuition
Group sessions from $220 per session

These are basic rates — preparation and travel time are included. Delivery of 6-monthly reports (if required) is also included. This charge will increase if:


Invoices are prepared and sent at the end of each month, showing charges for any work completed during that month. I hold an ABN, but on advice from the ATO, I am not registered for GST — accounts will therefore be sent as "invoices", not "tax invoices").

For overseas clients: Payment can be made via PayPal. Please contact me by email for more details.

ABN 31 931 087 787 (Not registered for GST)